Employ the 80/20 Rule

You don't have to be a fortune 500 to harness the power of custom simulations

Custom business simulations have always been for companies with Fortune 100 training budgets. We think all companies should be able to harness the power of custom simulations. So we’ve made custom business simulations affordable for mid-sized companies. We’ve done this by developing robust, reusable technology and agile processes that allow us to enable your people strategies through simulation. You shouldn’t have to be big to have the best.

The 20% that matters, matters a lot.

It’s typically not the strategy that fails. Managerial capability to implement effectively is most often the challenge. Managers might be very willing to change but when faced with operating in a complex environment with too little time to accomplish everything, they will fall back into old patterns. Those patterns have been built over a career and may actually produce results in a limited way. No amount of traditional training will overcome the behaviors and belief systems that have been built over a career or are producing short-term results.

This is why simulations are so powerful. Simulations can structure situations to link decisions directly to a broader set of consequences that trend over a longer period of time. Managers can see how their decisions might be good for their department but detrimental to the larger enterprise. Or they might see that the short-term results are being gained at the expense of long-term sustainability of the organization.

Our powerful simulation platform allows you to spend 80% of your budget on the 20% that really matters.

Yes, your challenges and strategies are unique. And there is a lot of commonality in the underlying rules about how markets, operations, and people behave. Your strategy only accounts for the small portion that you intend to use for advantage or differentiation. Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a custom simulation that is built from scratch? Don’t you want to maximize your budget? Spend less and have it all applied to the 20% that will make 80% of the difference for you.

That’s what we want, too. We want you to feel good about the value you get for the money you spend. So we don’t make you pay us to build the foundation that is common to all – only the changes that matter.

Orchestrate Mindfulness on the 20% that Matters  

The new focus on mindfulness supports the foundational premise of simulations. By engaging people at an intellectual, emotional, and physical level, we can guide mindful focus on actions and consequences. In other words, we can orchestrate self-generated insights that change the way people think. Because we are building on an existing platform, we can focus all of our attention on what matters to your business.