Unique Business Customization

Our team works closely with each client to enable a unique learning strategy through simulation

You know your business and the challenges. We know unique business simulations and experiential learning. We work with you to make customization as simple and easy as possible.

We have developed an agile engagement process to determine the desired outcomes and the best foundational business simulation to begin with. Then we go to our tool box to see what exists and what needs to be built. Finally, we overlay the storyline and integrate appropriate custom interventions. The final product is a custom business simulation that matches the client environment, exposes the specific biases of the audience, and reflects realistic, volatile market conditions – always with the focus of achieving effective learning.

Traditionally, customization has been a long and costly process, Tycoon changes the playing field through our lego-like approach. Our customized business simulation engine is designed with solid economic models that can be adjusted to match a client’s market. We have prebuilt business decisions and a robust configurator that allows for custom adjustments. The storyline builder allows for a completely custom layer.

We won’t try to position ourselves as business consultants commanding top dollar for our advice. We think you are more interested in what we deliver. You understand your challenges and goals better than we do. We bring the expertise and experience in designing and applying custom business simulations to achieve the desired behavior change and improved business results. We’ll ask good questions, bring ideas, and act as a catalyst to help you formulate your ideas and strategies. And, then we will deliver a great learning experience.

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Envision the Solution

Customization costs for business simulationWe start with a session of design thinking to envision the solution and outcomes without prejudice of history or existing product. From this session, we select the best foundational customized business simulation to create your solution.

Plug in Existing Modules

Modular plug-ins build our simulationsThen, we go back to our toolbox of business and leadership dynamics, reports, KPIs, etc. and select the appropriate ones. We ask questions about what decisions are appropriate in your custom business simulation, and which are not. Sometimes we have to create a custom module, but most often, it’s about adjusting the models and configuring choices.

Build the Simulation

front page of a custom business simulationWe put it all together into a business simulation that can be tested and refined. We can usually get to a custom business simulation that our clients can test internally in less than eight weeks.

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