Business Simulation Competition

Game On!

The right kind of competition drives engagement. Simulations allow people to learn to balance healthy competition with collaboration, not only to win, but to grow new opportunities. Launch a series of business simulation competitions that will allow your people to learn how to determine when to risk and when to circle the wagons. Tycoon Systems has been launching and supporting business simulation competitions since we formed the company. We can help you structure the right kind of business simulation competition for better performance in the real world.

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Who doesn't like a contest?

Simulation competitions for business executivesGive people the chance to go toe-to-toe in realistic business challenges. Whether among students working on their MBAs, prospective employees, corporate managers, or executives, competitions can generate energy, expose new market strategies, and revitalize the focus on key business issues. Create a level playing field or engage people into different challenges to see how they problem solve.

Collaborate to Win

Collaboration and competition with business gamesLearn when to collaborate and when to compete. Business simulation competitions can be structured to model real-life effects of seeking self-interest or supporting the enterprise. Research shows that people often operate against their own self-interests to prevent a perceived opponent from winning. Business simulation competitions can be used to expose any bias against mutually beneficial collaboration. Need managers who understand when to put the good of the whole organization ahead of their individual goals? Business simulation competitions are ideal.

Take a walk in my shoes!

Business simulations encourage healthy competitionEver hear a manager say, “If I had that market, I could outperform the current manager there.” Now, they can have that market – in a virtual world. With our competitions, people can test out different markets, explore varying techniques, and test innovative approaches. It’s a great way to see how different people might approach difficult challenges. Bring it!

Interested in a Business Competition? Have an idea for a Tournament? Contact us.