Our Simulation Technology

Robust Simulation Technology

We bring you the most powerful business simulation platform available today. Since 2006, we’ve been perfecting a platform that makes it simpler for our clients to harness the power of business simulations. A unique three-layer structure creates the optimal experience while minimizing customization efforts. This simulation technology structure delivers incredibly powerful, one-of-a-kind, custom business simulations with speed and efficiency.


We can pull existing elements from each of the three layers – as-is or tweaked to fit – to build a uniquely custom business simulation to meet your specific needs.  Repurpose your simulations for multiple audiences – executives, high potentials, customers, and recruits – for a unique experience with little or no customization required.

Our Unique Three-Layer Technology Structure

The Economic Layer

Economic Layer - the brains of the simulationThe foundation of our cloud-based simulation technology is an economic model in which powerful algorithms calculate financial performance, apply delayed effects, and inform performance indicators in a realistic regional or global marketplace. The processor takes the input from the other layers and dishes up reports, graphs, and charts that participants can use to see trends and the impact of their decisions.

Over 160 industries and their interrelationships are modeled within our cloud-based simulation technology. Simulations can be based solely on one industry model or on a broader ecosystem or supply chain.

The Business Decision Layer

Business decision layers expand complexity of simulationsThe business decision layer allows us to expand and contract the complexity of different simulations. For a junior audience, we might include project management, pricing, or customer decisions that influence front line operations. For a more advanced audience, we might add M&A, talent, or strategy decisions.

Business decision plug-ins can be turned on or tweaked to create the ideal decision-making environment matching your organization and audience.

The Leadership Dynamics Layer

Improve Leadership Dynamics with business gamingIn 2014, we added the leadership decision layer to better manage the emotional experience. This enhancement gives us new ways to manage and guide insights or “a-ha” moments. Storyline elements and challenges can be fully integrated to help participants connect strategic intent and tactical actions. Guided reflection, structured analysis, assessments, and/or mindfulness exercises are purposefully integrated into the simulation.

For more information on our cloud-based simulation technology, or a demo of our solutions, please call 303-550-1311 or contact us.