Customized Business Simulations

Why Custom Business Simulations?

Real business experience can be a great teacher. Lessons learned in the trenches are profound and enduring. With custom business simulations, we can create the conditions for “a-ha” moments and ensure that the conclusions drawn are accurate. Unlike the real world, consequences don’t cost real money, and, in the end, nobody (but for an ego or two) gets hurt.

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Make Decisions and Experience the Consequences

Business simulation to challenge executivesCustom business simulations give leaders practice making difficult decisions and experiencing the consequences. The ability to weigh the trade-offs and make effective decisions is a critical leadership skill. In a simulation, leaders can chance making mistakes in challenging business environments without risking real profits, jobs, or reputation. The emotional pain of failure in a customized business simulation can very feel real and result in deep learning. And, participants get the opportunity to learn and operate differently in the real world.

Expose and Reshape Biases

Simulations used to wake up the brain“What got you here, won’t get you there.” Sometimes, leaders fail because they continued to operate in ways that no longer serve them. Through custom business simulations, we can set up situations that trigger “traps”. When someone falls into the trap, they can immediately see the consequences.

And, change becomes possible.

Research on biases shows the difficulty of changing when we are completely unaware of how we think. Customized business simulations can be used to “wake the brain up” by creating cognitive dissonance between of reality and our beliefs. We can orchestrate the conditions that result in self-generated insight.

Accelerate or Slow Down Time

Simulations on a timeline for testing participantsSimulations operate on a controllable timeline, so we can accelerate forward and see the consequences of a series of decisions over the course of time. In the real world, often the distance between decision and result makes it difficult for people to correctly interpret cause and effect. The difficulty is compounded by complexity of multiple interrelated decisions and an uncertain, volatile global environment. Human beings are meaning-makers, so we will create a story about what happened and why. In customized business simulations, we can guide better analysis of results. Time compression and complex algorithms in the underlying model make it possible to ensure that interpretations reflect reality.

Sometimes we slow time down – or reverse it – to provide opportunities for reflection, guided feedback, and analysis. Custom business simulations let us alter timelines to deepen and accelerate learning.

Increase Engagement and Fun

Business games and funThe energy and engagement generated when a roomful of people are having fun tackling real business problems is astounding. People learn more and return to their real work with more enthusiasm. Well-designed customized business simulations pull in even the most reluctant learners.

Tycoon has a history of creating and deploying massive online games and attracting hundreds of thousands of players who weren’t required by their HR department to participate. We can help you get the same kind of engagement from your constituents.


[kuhs-tuh m]
Designed for you, your environment, your trade-offs, your audience


Results based on real business scorecard and relevant KPIs


[sim-yuh-ley-shuh n]
Immersions in real world environment in altered time and space

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