Leadership Development Simulations


Leadership today requires more than a cookie-cutter set of skills that are simple to develop and assess. Leaders must operate effectively in the context of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. This is the VUCA world. Leadership development is crucial in today’s companies as experienced employees retire. Leadership simulations let you assess and develop the leadership capabilities in the next generation of employees that are required to be effective now and in the future. Leadership skills like agility, building effective networks, operating in a global economy, recognizing and interpreting trends through scenario based learning. Leadership simulations may be the only training tool that can replicate this environment for practical experience.

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What-if Scenario Learning

problem solving with business simulation

Across your company, different conditions and market variations mean your leaders each operate in unique environments. Finding a leadership development program training solution that can be generalized across large audiences isn’t easy. That’s why we have tools that allow conditions to be changed for each delivery or even in the middle of a simulation.

If appropriate for learning, leadership development training participants can alter their own parameters. This helps you prepare your leaders for a VUCA world where regulations and assumptions can change unpredictably. Play out different scenarios and try alternate solutions to experience probable consequences.

Interrelated Systems View of Trade-Offs

interrelated actions important when solving business challenges

Everything is a system. Yet, we so often learn skills in isolation. We break apart concepts to learn more deeply and specifically about a particular subject.  This is good for deep subject matter expertise and not so good for learning to function in a complex interrelated world. Deciding to do the right thing in a classroom environment where there are no real trade-offs is neither difficult nor a true test of competence.

Leadership simulations let us see our decisions and results as a system. Drive fantastic results in one area and destroy another. Our balanced scorecard approach to KPIs exposes the system and interrelated effects to help people learn to balance and optimize results. Leaders can see the big picture through scenario learning and understand how and why things work rather than simply learning what to do.

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