Sensible Pricing Structure

Sensible Pricing Structure

Our custom business simulations are sensibly priced to make the cost-to-value equation easy to justify.


Customization costs for business simulationCustomization costs are based on the level of alteration required. Sometimes simple configuration and adding storyline elements is ideal. We will work with you to determine the level of customization your solution needs. Our robust technology and extensive portfolio allow you to maintain costs and achieve quality.


Licensing cost based on usage of simulationsLicensing is based on actual usage. With other models, you pay for possible use in the future. With us, you pay for what you want now. Based on duration, level usage, support requirements, type of play, and volume, we negotiate a licensing fee that matches value to cost.

We Facilitate or Train Your Team

Orchestra conductor metaphor for facilitation of simulation eventsTycoon has a flexible approach to facilitation. We can equip you to facilitate your own business simulations or bring in one of our expert facilitators for a turnkey solution. Both approaches are currently in successful operation.

To discuss the cost of business simulations, please call 303-550-1311 or contact us.