The Tycoon Systems’ Story

Our Story

The unique and complementary backgrounds of Thomas Lehnert and Bryan Rimmer shape Tycoon Systems, Inc. Thomas brings technical architecture, game play, and economic expertise; Bryan has a rich background in finance, business, and corporate education. It was a natural match. Here’s how it all happened:

1980 - the dawn of PCs


At 16, develops “what-if” scenario planning simulations and tools for different utility companies in Germany


Fresh out of college, manages 150 front-line employees in a Fortune 500 chocolate manufacturing operation

1990 - business games start to develop




Launches a computer-based business game in German called CABS that is still used by some businesses to teach employees business acumen




Exits the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. He rides the waves of fortune through several global ventures.


Builds and markets a massive, multiplayer business game where players start a business in a realistic marketplace populated with real and virtual players


Completes his MBA at London Business School and joins the prestigious school as a lecturer and researcher for global executives

2000 - development of realistic business simulations


Welcomes 400,000 users who flock to seek their fortunes in a global market place, form alliances, and compete in his global business game


Facilitates business simulations and financial programs around the world for large organizations in different industries

Bryan and Thomas came together and Tycoon Systems was born.

Business gaming meets Executive MBA to form a powerful corporate business simulation offering.





2010 - mmog real time business simulations online

Tycoon Milestones

First enterprise simulation is rolled out


Translated simulation platform into 14 languages for simultaneous game play


Conducted global business school competition with $50,000 scholarship for winners


Developed a three-year, 200 project bidding and management simulation for global mega-projects


Developed an innovative virtual assessment center in partnership with VirBELA


Launch pharma marketing simulation in eastern Europe


Simulate the global supply chain with a ecosystem of interactive businesses


Update the energy generation simulation for US regulated and unregulated markets





2020 - the future of online business games and simulations


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