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Different Options for Deployment

You should be able to use your business simulation for different purposes. You’ve made an investment to customize a simulation. You have a goal to transform performance. You may initially focus on one department or role in the organization. As change begins to occur, you should be able to leverage your investment as part of an evolving enterprise strategy. Business simulations can be a powerful tool used in different ways with different audiences. That’s why we built our simulation platform to be played in the following modes.

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Single Player - Man vs. Machine

Man Against Machine - Single Player business gamesOur simplest business simulation model is single, virtual player. An individual can enter the simulation and compete with virtual players who are set up to operate rationally. Single player is typically used for more basic understanding of complex business challenges. It can be used as pre-learning or follow-up for a more advanced program.

Competitive Marketplace

business simulations create a virtual competitive marketplaceOur most popular business simulation delivery is the competitive marketplace in which teams operate realistically with a shared marketplace, limited talent resources, and interactive dynamics. These sessions can be delivered in person or virtually, and consecutively, or over the course of time.

Virtual Competitive

competition improves business performanceIndividuals or teams located anywhere can compare scores using global leader boards in a virtual competition. Every player operates in the same business environment trying to achieve the highest score on a balanced scorecard. Teams can challenge one another to operate in different market conditions.

Capstone Events

capstone programs use business games to embed theory with practiceEducational programs, whether in the corporation or educational institute, often focus on pillars of learning. Leadership development programs must teach future leaders to integrate the lessons from each pillar to operate in a complex environment with difficult trade-offs. Tycoon Systems’ Leadership Development Simulations offer a capstone experience that replicates real life.

Large Group Events

large group of executives competing with a business simulation gameHow do you make large group events more poignant? Integrate a Tycoon Systems Custom Business Simulation. We have conducted these for tens, hundreds, even thousands of people at annual meetings, large corporate events, and association gatherings. Our unique structure allows you to encourage  competition and collaboration as you watch how different groups interact.

Curriculum Boosters

hi-pot management development programs can use business simulation eventsOur business simulations can be interwoven into program curriculum to immerse participants into problem-solving activities. Scaffold the learning with increasingly difficult challenges or change the environment to give participants practice in agile response in volatile markets.

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