Airport Management Simulation

Airport Management business simulation


Assume management of an established airport management authority with our Airport Management Simulation. Compete against other teams in real time to maximize revenue and profit. Our Airport Management Simulation world allows you to hone marketing and financial strategies before attempting to create – or destroy – value in the real world of airport management. Make intelligent decisions by investing in the core income generating business units: aviation (flight traffic), ground handling, and retail concessions. Promote and price products, manage your assets, and build a sustainable business strategy to grow your wealth.


  • Increase Market Capitalization of your airport relative to competitors
  • Operate your corporation profitably for four years
  • Performance is measured in KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Manage different business levers such as tariffs, asset management, human resources, and marketing
  • Maximize operating efficiencies and achieve optimum performance
  • Study and react to competitors to succeed in the market
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