Banking Simulation

bank business game


Learn about the complexities of banking with this fascinating Banking Simulation. Develop retail and commercial lines for your bank business, choosing between high growth and balanced risk, netting deposit and credit products, and developing high quality banking services for your customers.

Just how does a bank deal with conflicting pressures from clients, competitors, and central banks? How will the central bank discount window affect your business strategy?

What is core capital and how do you manage it?

Take over an existing bank or start up a new one – your objective: maximize your bank company’s market value over five years and report back to stockholders. With the Banking Simulation from Tycoon Systems, you can:

  • Launch a wide range of credit and deposit products and services
  • Balance prices and cash flow to succeed in a dynamic and competitive marketplace
  • Access central bank funds via the discount window or inter-bank lending sources at variable lending rates; carefully manage your business to achieve target Core Capital ratios in line with the latest Basel III regulations.
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