Business Acumen Training

Business Acumen Simulations Training


Each of our simulations includes strong business acumen elements underlying every decision and the game overall. We believe that everything in the arena of business should be played in light of business realities. Sure, the primary objective may be to help leaders understand the value of creating a great customer experience, but if they can do that while operating a successful business, all the better. The power of simulations is this ability to create a rich environment in which leaders must balance competing priorities and make trade-off decisions, then witness the consequences not only tomorrow, but next month and next year.

Business Acumen training is both a quick and applicable understanding of how decisions influence the long- and short-term success of a business. The ability to view the big picture of the business, connect the dots on financial reports, and understand your markets are all core elements of business acumen. Simulations allow us to speed up time (or slow it down), overemphasize certain effects to reinforce consequences, and apply storyline elements that ensure specific experiences. In other words, we can orchestrate the “a-ha” moments through business acumen training that ensure a leader understands, can engage others, and can influence the business in positive ways from their current position.

Context is critical to providing a rich Business Acumen Simulation, which is why we have modeled over 160 industries. It’s also important to have the right match of skill to challenge. In other words, you don’t want to put front-line managers into a simulation where they make C-level decisions. But, putting them in a situation in which they make decisions that are several levels up might just create the right kind of tension to achieve exponential leaps in understanding and performance. Financial reports can be high level or detailed.

Tycoon’s three-layer system allows us to integrate Business Acumen training into every simulation. The leadership layer allows for rich leadership challenges and ethical dilemmas to be included.

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