Hotel Business Simulation

hospitality management simulation


Use your business skill to build a global hotel empire – a portfolio of properties around the world, in different hotel categories from Deluxe 5-star to Budget City Center – and compete for market share and profitability in this dynamic business simulation. In the Hotel Business Simulation, you manage a small group of hotels and determine whether to invest in city-based, budget hotels, spa, or luxury resorts. Will you focus on specific geographies or expand to a global network? You determine your strategy and see if it pays off in this competitive Hotel Business Simulation.

At the outset, you are the investor-manager in a dynamic hotel group. Your competitors are four other major players – virtual intelligent competitors or other teams of real players. In our Hotel Business Simulation, you must make global investment decisions about hotel categories and regional opportunities, promotion and pricing, staffing, and strategic investments to build a sustainable business.

You will need to hire a top-flight (virtual) executive team to manage your facilities. The quality of your team and your ability to retain them will influence your long-term sustainability as a company. Build your understanding of modern hotel management metrics: REVPAR, GOPPAR, ADR, room occupancy rates, as you create your own hotel business empire.

The business must be balanced with a high-growth profile and a sustainable competitive position. Success will be measured in stock price. Stock price depends on your company’s profit record. Choosing to invest and develop certain product markets, setting higher or lower pricing and advertising levels, or devising a quality, HR, or R&D strategy are just some of the areas you can decide on to build your new business plan – and increase profitability. Have fun building your hotel empire!

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