Supply Chain Business Simulation

Global Supply Chain simulation


Understanding and optimizing supply chains is critical for most organizations. The complexity of the chain, the need to manage multiple global relationships, market capriciousness, and too much or too little transparency are just some of the dynamic influences that make supply chain a great topic for simulation. Our building block design approach allows aspects of supply chain to be embedded in many of our Supply Chain Business Simulations in which teams grapple with:

  • Investing in omnichannel opportunities
  • Assessing profitability and ease of serving different customer groups
  • Managing talent at management and front-line levels

One simulation we offer is dedicated solely to supply chain issues. In this fast-paced game, each team plays the role of manufacturer, distributor, or retailer operating in a competitive, global marketplace. Each team working on the Supply Chain Business Simulation must manage the realities of their own business while negotiating and operating with the rest of the supply chain. Unexpected and realistic curve balls are thrown in to help teams practice anticipatory and agility behaviors.

Learning to balance individual supply chain player interests with the health of the entire chain is one of the key lessons. Players experience disruptions to the chain and the resulting long-term effects on individual players in our Supply Chain Business Simulation.

In addition to operational decisions, teams are presented with opportunities for strategic investments to improve their business or the health of the chain. This Supply Chain Business Simulation can be delivered either as a ready-to-use program or can be easily customized to address specific opportunities.

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