Talent Management and Development Simulations

selection and recruitment business simulation


Tycoon is currently building a portfolio of Talent Management Simulation elements. Some focus on building diverse teams, others highlight assigning new roles and projects. Still others focus on attracting and retaining top talent. Nearly every company struggles with talent challenges making these Talent Management components critical across industries and sectors.

One of our clients asked us to create a Talent Management and Development Simulation-based Game to be played by college students. The goal of this simulation is to expand the employer brand and give prospective employees some experience in the company environment.

Throughout our Talent Management and Development Simulation, participants are assigned to a project as an entry level engineer. They are then faced with a series of accelerated decisions and scenarios that progress them through a year in about 15 minutes. At the completion of the year, they have either performed well enough for a promotion and a new project, or they can try again.

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